Accra Bound

As the eve of the US v Ghana World Cup match is upon us, Gillian Henker and I, Katherine Kirsch, are shipping off to the port of Accra as well. Though we will be there for very different reasons than to kick around a black and white ball (or determine political relations- as some may attest), we are nonetheless excited for this next stage for Sisu Global Health.

Gillian (pictured here) will return for her fifth trip to Ghana with Katherine (Sisu's CMO). 

Gillian (pictured here) will return for her fifth trip to Ghana with Katherine (Sisu's CMO). 

We are going to Ghana for the following reasons:

-strengthen business and supply chain contacts

-re-validate the need for the (r)Evolve and determine any cultural or ergonomic changes to the design

-perform some laboratory testing on-the-ground with local physicians

-re-enforce support for the Hemafuse device

-gather market research for a third-party device (that we are quite excited about!)

Our work will have us start in Accra to reconnect with several of the major Teaching Hospitals including Korle Bu, the Ministry of Health as well as the Ghana Health Service, the centralized medical distribution entity. Outside of speaking to larger hospitals (often with very specialized departments), a significant portion of the trip will involve traveling to rural areas. These excursions will help us to understand the challenges that both physicians and healthcare distributors face to reach some of the more remote areas. On-the-ground work like this feels a little like the Nancy Drews’ of healthcare- we plan to trace exactly where a device will go, from port to patient, in addition to just its initial use.

If you have any specific questions or know someone we should talk to during our trip, please email us at Even with the results of the anticipated World Cup match, our venture to Black Star country will be a joint success for our Michigan-based company and the health system of Ghana. 

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